5V RGB LED Stripxels (32 per meter)


Price (USD)
$35.00 ea.
$30.00 ea.

Want to add some slick smart RGB LEDs to your project? These 5V RGB LED Stripxels feature 32 LEDs per meter that can be individually controlled and only requires a 5V source and TTL Clock & Data signals.

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RGB LEDs are cool. The small surface-mount ones are even cooler. But WOW, full flexible strips of RGB LEDS are neat! But these aren't just a strip of LEDs that all change color at the same time - you can individually control each LED!

These Solarbotics stripxels come in 5m (16.4') spools, with 32 LEDs per meter (almost 10 per foot). Each RGB LED connects to the well-documented WS2801 RGB controller IC, so you simply power up the string with 5V, and use common data-shifting techniques to clock in your data to each LED. This isn't quite the same as addressable LEDs, where each LED has a set permanent address; display data is clocked "down the chain", passing LED data through the strip one LED at a time. When clocking is done, all the units latch, and light up the RGB data passed to them. It's all documented in the Arduino sample code available under the Resources tab.

You can snip these strings apart in 1 LED increments at the points marked on the strip, so if you really want to stretch them out, you can snip and patch-wire them different lengths or segments (assuming you are running sufficient 5V power to each segment).

We brought in a hardcore power supply specifically for this reel as it does consume quite a few amps at maximum brightness. Or you could use a capable LiPo battery and add a buff 5V regulator with it to get this strip off the grid.

Oh, and did we mention they are waterproof? They are IP67 rated which means they can handle going under water (but try not to place the ends in as well, as they are much less waterproof). Officially, the IP67 rating is descibed as "protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m".


  • Seasonal lighting: Christmas, Halloween, etc.
  • Mood lighting
  • Accent lighting for the home, show vehicle, or robot
  • Cupboard or closet lighting
  • Camping Lighting
  • Edge-lighting for signs

Connector Wiring (if applicable):

  • Yes, this wiring standard is a little strange.Perhaps soldering in the dark wasn't a great idea. Regardless, BE AWARE!
  • Red (physically paired with black) Wire = +5V
  • Black Wire = GND
  • Green Wire = Data (SD)
  • Red Wire = Clock (CK)


  • Working Voltage: DC5V
  • Current consumption: ~3.9A (All 160 LEDs at full brightness [White])
  • Led QTY: 32leds/M
  • Led Type: SMD5050 RGB
  • IC type: WS2801
  • Pixel QTY: 32 pixels/m, each led addressable
  • PCB Color:White
  • Power Consumption: Max 10W/M
  • Brightness Level: 256 level
  • Emitting Color: RGB/W/R/G/B/other single color
  • Waterproof IP grade: IP67 silicon tube, which means "protected from dust" and "protected against the effects of immersion". Just don't submerge the open ends!

They come in 5 meter reels and are sold by the meter! If you buy 5m at a time, you'll get full reels. Less than 5m means you will receive a strip cut from a reel, which may or may not have a connector that comes with the full 5m spool. You might want a set of connectors, just in case!

With each meter bought, you will also get a mounting screws & tab set.





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