5V RGB LED LPD8806 Stripxels (32 per meter)


Price (USD)
$35.00 ea.
$30.00 ea.

These are very similar to the WS2801 RGB Stripxel, but feature the LPD8806 controller IC instead.

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Ok, so what's up with these RGB stripxels? What makes these individually controlled RGBs-in-a-strip different from the other Stripxels we have? Well, they're similar and different. They both:

  • Run on 5V
  • Use clock & data to shift-in RGB brightness values
  • Have 32 SMD5050 RGB LEDs per meter

Where they differ is this one features the LPD8806 controller IC, which means:

  • It works from as low 2.7V (vs the 3.3V of the WS2801)
  • It Drives 2 LEDs per segment (means you have to trim them in pairs if you want both funcitonal)
  • It offers 21-bit color, rather than the 24 bit color of the WS2801. Still way higher than you could see the difference!
  • The documentation for the LPD8806 is more sparce. Even though there are many "interface electronics" to drive the 8806, there are not many places that document the data format & timing.

So if they're so similar, why offer it? Well, we had requests for them locally. And since the fine folks at Adafruit have been already hacking on it, there's been some impressive reverse-engineering of the protocol that has lead to open-source Arduino libraries. Yay!

LPD8806 Stripxel Hard Data

  • Rated Voltage: 2.7~ 5.5V
  • LEDs: 32 SMD505 RGB per meter
  • Color control: 21 bit across 3-channels, 256 brightness levels
  • Enclosure: Waterproof silicone tube, IP67 (dust-proof; Protected against immersion between 15cm and 1m depth)
  • Enclosure dimesions: 14.5mm (0.57") wide x 4mm (0.16") thick

They come in 5 meter reels and are sold by the meter! If you buy 5m at a time, you'll get full reels. If you buy less than 5m, you'll get a single strip, but it will be a cut piece from a reel which may or may not have a connector on it. You will get 1 mounting tab and 2 screws per each meter you purchase.

Some important links:

  • The Adafruit github repository for ongoing refinement of the Arduino libraries. If it's down, get a copy of an archived version from the resources tab. The library also comes with some handy example code to get you up and running right away.
  • Stargate Eggbeater. Yeah, cool name, cooler project. They've been spinning on the '8806 too.
  • Please Note: Color order of the Green and Blue channels is swapped on the Solarbotics Stripxels compared to Adafruit's, thanks to a customer's input we have a modified library available under the resources tab.





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