Weatherproof Electronics Enclosure


Price (USD)
$5.95 ea.
Stalker 2 not included.
Stalker 2 not included.

This enclosure is a tough, waterproof design which is great for all kinds of outdoor electronics projects!

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This enclosure is rough, rugged! It can protect your electronic projects in the harshest of outdoor conditions. One great feature is the transparent lid which not only allows you to see into the enclosure but is perfect for attaching a solar cell inside the enclosure. There are even 6 convenient mounting holes at the bottom of the enclosure for securing your application.

We found the following items fit well into the enclosure:

Outer Dimensions: 50(H) x 68(W) x 100(L) (mm)

Inner Dimensions: 36(H) x 61.6(W) x 93.6(L) (mm)

Necessary waterproof seal, screws and spacers are all included.





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