Yellow Drum Machine Bundle


185.00 USD
$185.00 ea.

The YDM musical robot has been featured all over the place, including Make Magazine 27. Along with the members of Let's Make Robots, we felt that a bundle of the electronic components you'd need to build it was in order.

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We were smitten by the Yellow Drum Machine the first time we saw it. Let's face it, this lil' guy has a ton of character and can lay down the beats like no other bot can. Here's is a bundle of electronic parts that you'll need to build this triple 'R' (Radical Rhythm Robot).

Bundle Includes

See some pictures and previously unreleased footage of the Yellow Drum Machine Version 2 here.


You can get the most up-to-date and accurate details for the project on the official LMR page right here. This project was featured in MAKE Volume 27 (you can find the digital set of instructions over at the MAKE Projects page), but contains some errors.

Please note: As you probably noticed this bundle doesn't come with yellow treads, but rather black. You may need to call your Drum Machine something different, like the Ninja Drum Machine or something sweet like that. Also note that the sound recording module produces a beep that is louder the audio playback to let you know that it is in recording mode.

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