Wonderflex Heat-activated Composite Plastic Sheet


61.00 USD
$61.00 ea.

This is a heat-activated, formable polyester plastic sheet that is very popular in making prop armour and other rigid costume pieces.

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So you want to build some costume armour, and the cardboard (as fun as it is) isn't just doing the job anymore. Our dabblings into the world of stage productions has revealed to us the material wonderflex.

It's formally described as "heat-activated, self-adhesive scrim-reinforced polymer". What that means is that it's a stiffish sheet of plastic with a reinforcing layer that you use a heat gun to bend, mold and stick to itself. When it cools, it's tough, but still flexible, and is easy to finish and dye with standard techniques..


  • Polymer-based construction material
  • Heat activates pliability and adhesion (hot air, oven, microwave, steam and hot water all work)
  • Scissor/razor cuttable
  • One side smooth, the other textured (you choose which side you want to work with)
  • Reheatable for reshaping
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Sticks very well to itself
  • Can be glued to most other porous materials like wood, paper, foams, fabrics and Fosshape


  • Polyester-based chemistry
  • 1mm thick
  • 70-80°C (150-170°F) activation temperature
  • 60~90 second layout time


  • Full sheet: 1.39 x 1.09M (55 x 43")
  • Half sheet: 109 x 68cm (43 x 27")
  • Quarter sheet: 68 x 53cm (27 x 21")
  • Eighth sheet: 53 x 33cm (21 x 13")
  • Sample: 33 x 25cm (13 x 10")

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