PCBGrip Kit 750 - Master


This Product Has Been Discontinued, This Page Is For Reference Only.

290.00 USD
$290.00 ea.

For the most flexibility in assembling electronics, the PCBGrip Master Kit has a full complement of options.

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No matter how big your electronics bench is, it always comes down to the one-square-foot area in front of your chair where you get the work done. PCBGrip is a modular PCB holding and testing system utilizing Openbeam to offer the most flexibility in holding, mounting, adjusting, and...well, gripping your circuit board and electronic parts.

PCBGrip started as a successful Kickstarter campaign, which Solarbotics supported. We're happy to be now carrying the PCBGrip line for our customers too! We're a bit biased about it, as we've been long supporters of the Openbeam aluminum extrusions it uses.

What makes PCBGrip more handy than other simple parallel-jaw board grippers is that it offers way more methods of use. With the extra arms, rods, and clips, you have a very open-ended building fixture. Here's some methods we've used it for:

  • Board building: Populate a part, hold it in place, flip the board and solder
  • Board testing: Insert a board, swing down mounted test probes (we use pogo pins) and perform test measurements
  • Sensor mounting for external readings: Strap a sensor to the one bracket that's reading the RPM of a motor gripped by another

We haven't tried the ribbon-cable/parts soldering holding jig yet, but it looks cool!

Also, yes, it uses metric hardware, which we're finding to be more and more prevalent in hardware these days. Fortunately, there's so much included in this kit, you have no risk of running short. A beautiful Wera hand driver is included too.

The Master Kit 750 is a very comprehensive set of parts, ready for practically anything you might want to throw at it.

Kit includes:
1 x Base
1 x Hinge Assembly
1 x Rod Holder Assembly
1 x  ⌀10mm x 340mm Rod
4 x Spring Head Assembly
8 x Variable Tee
8 x 90° Tee
8 x Cylinder
2 x Hold Down
4 x Stand Off
4 x Joining Plate
2 x Clamp
4 x Tri Nut
4 x T Bolt
8 x Alligator Clip, Small  
8 x Alligator Clip, Large
8 x M3x0.5 Thumb Screw, ⌀14mm Head
50 x M3x0.5x7mm Thumb Screw, ⌀7mm Head
25 x M3x0.5x7mm Pan Head Screw
25 x M3x0.5 Nut
25 x M3x0.5 Knurled Nut
25 x M3x0.5x35mm Hex Head Bolt
25 x M3x0.5x20mm Hex Head Bolt
10 x Compression Spring
4 x Flat Spring
8 x ⌀3mm x 85mm Rod  
8 x ⌀3mm x 170mm Rod 
2 x ⌀3mm x 340mm Rod
1 x Case
1 x Wera 2mm Driver
2 x OpenBeam (1x 340mm, 2x 270mm)

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