OpenBeam Starter Kit - Small


Price (USD)
$79.95 ea.

Extrusion Colour

If you find it annoying to cut the 1m OpenBeam extrusions down to size - you can now rejoice! Open beam precut lengths are here! Offered in a conveniently packaged kit, these precut pieces are ideal for designing all kinds of interesting structures.

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This kits comes with everything you need to start building rigid enclosures (with added acrylic/wooden walls), frames for 3D printers & other automated equipment, camera rigs, or a robot chassis. OpenBeam precut lengths make it so quick to start building mechanical structures that easily combine with electronics to make all kinds of interesting projects. Not only can these projects be built in record time but they can also be easily shared. If anyone else wants to replicate your shared project, they can pick up this precut kit and quickly create their own.

OpenBeam extrusions vary in length and are 15x15mm square.

Kit Includes:
4x 30mm (L) x 15mm (H) x 15mm (W)
4x 60mm 1515
4x 90mm 1515
4x 120mm 1515
4x 150mm 1515
1x 8 pack T Plate
2x 8 pack L Plate
1x 100 pack M3 Nuts
1x 100 pack M3 Bolts
1x 2mm Hex Key





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