OpenBeam Machinist Precut Kit


Price (USD)
$199.95 ea.


Not only does this kit contain the same parts as the OpenBeam Precut Kit 1, it also includes motor mounts and other parts needed for building desktop CNC & 3D machines.

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This kits comes with everything you need to start building rigid enclosures (with added acrylic/wooden walls), frames for 3D printers & other automated equipment, camera rigs, or a robot chassis. OpenBeam precut lengths make it so quick to start building mechanical structures that easily combine with electronics to make all kinds of interesting projects. Not only can these projects be built in record time but they can also be easily shared. If anyone else wants to replicate your shared project, they can pick up this precut kit and quickly create their own.

You'll notice that the cut lengths often change in increments of 30mm. This is because in a rectilinear framing structure, the 30mm difference allows a piece of OpenBeam to span across the framing structure cleanly. For example, suppose you have a framing structure made by joining 2 pieces of 300mm (length) and 2 pieces of 150mm (height) into a picture-frame shape.  A 270mm piece will perfectly span the gap between the 2 150mm uprights (given that each of the uprights are 15mm wide).  If the butt joints were mated the other way, a 120mm piece will perfectly span between the 2 x 150mm pieces.

Kit Includes:

4x 30mm (L) x 15mm (H) x 15mm (W)
4x 45mm 1515
8x 60mm 1515
8x 90mm 1515
4x 120mm 1515
8x 150mm 1515
4x 210mm 1515
4x 270mm 1515
8x 300mm 1515
1x 8 pack T Plate
4x 8 pack L Plate
2x 100 pack M3 Nuts
2x 100 pack M3 Bolts
1x 2mm Hex Driver - Flat Tip
8x OpenBeam feet

Machinist Kit Also Includes:
6x NEMA17 Motor Mounts
2x Servo Mounts
2x Shaft Clamp Set
2x 608 NEMA17 Adapters





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