Creality CR10-Max 3D Printer SKU: 52423

Creality CR10-Max 3D Printer

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Add touch-screen & auto-leveling convenience to a MASSIVE build volume, and you have the CR10-Max!

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The CR10-Max borrows many aspect from the impressive CR10-Pro 3D printer, including an all-in-one base and color touch-screen interface. It’s additionally much larger, for those really big print jobs. Other notable features include:

  • Built-in BL-touch 16-point auto-bed leveling
  • Dual Z-Axis stepper motors & rails
  • Z-Axis bracing rails
  • Dual-drive Bondtech extruder gears, where the filament is pushed from both sides of the hobbed gears.
  • The extruder frame is all-metal – a nice upgrade from the standard plastic extruder.
  • Filament run-out detection module which is bolted (not slide-fit) to the extruder frame.
  • Capricorn-brand premium PTFE Bowden tube

The bed size features an impressively large 450x450x470mm build volume, powered by it’s own CSA-approved Meanwell power supply.


  • 450x450x470mm build size
  • 0.4mm diameter nozzle (comes with additional 0.8mm nozzle)
  • Dual 24VDC power supplies (75W Logic, 750W bed heating)
  • 250°C capable nozzle
  • 100°C capable heated bed
  • 1.75mm diameter filament compatible

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Dimensions 73.5 × 73.5 × 36.5 cm


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