Infrared Remote Decoder Module


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14.99 USD
$14.99 ea.

This Infrared Remote Decoder Module can receive and decode wireless infrared transmissions over a 38 kHz carrier wave. It can easily interface to a microcontroller such as an Arduino with only 3 pins (Power, Ground, & TX). Arduino sample decoding program available under Resources tab.

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As an infrared decoder module, this item can be used to decode signals from any remote control which utilizes NEC protocol. Integrating high performance PIC16F690 IC as the decoder makes this module feature high anti-jamming ability and low bit-error rate. Powered by either 5 or 3.3VDC, this module can output signals through either asynchronous serial pin or the parallel pins so that it can be used in various applications like power control, lighting control, volume control, etc.. Via the asynchronous serial pin, this module can also read the code of each key pressed with the help of UART communication software. When the parallel pins are used, up to seven keys of a remote control are supported and you can redefine the relationship of keys and outputs. 


  • Size: 35.70(L) × 28.14(W) × 12.80(H) ±0.2mm
  • Small sized PCB with 2 mounting holes for #4-40 hardware
  • Supports NEC encoding format over a 38kHz carrier
  • Can use either a +5VDC or +3.3VDC supply
  • Two kinds of signal output: Asynchronous serial (TX) & Parallel (D0, D1, D2)
  • Data from serial port: hexadecimal, address code + command code
  • Excellent design for easy integration in all kinds of systems
  • Save resources and shortens development cycle
  • 8-pin 0.1" spacing Male header included

This module has been tested to receive line of sight transmissions from greater than 35 feet away in an indoor environment. An extra feature of the PCB is that it has a programming header that is compatible with the PICkit 2/3. This board also comes inside a protective 3"(L) X 2.5"(W) X 7/8"(H)  Plastic Parts Box.

Pin definitions:






DC5V supply



DC3.3V supply



Signal indication: “1”- key pressed, “0”- no key pressed



Parallel output D2



Parallel output D1



Parallel output D0



Asynchronous serial output





  1. DIY wireless data transmission applications
  2. Remote Control Decoding
  3. Smart Home Control
  4. Volume Control
  5. Wireless Robot Control
  6. Pratical jokes - Surprise activation!

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