40-Segment LED Bar Display with Driver board


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This 40-Segment 2.54mm Pitch Red LED Bar Display communicates via an SPI-Like protocol. This bargraph can be used for any number of applications (see some examples below).

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High brightness 40-segment Red LED bars are installed on this board. It is driven by SPI-like interface which can be easy interfaced to any microcontroller. This display comes with a driver board which displays all the LEDs on initially and then multiple LEDs are turned on and off in certain sequences each time the function button is pressed.

Package includes:

40-segment LED Bar Board with 74HC164 Shift registers
PIC16F54 Driver Board
2 X 10-pin female to female ribbon cables

There is some example PIC code within the manual but in addition to that we have also provided some example Arduino code (under the Resources tab) to help you get started driving this display directly.  And while you are using an Arduino to drive the display why not hack the driver board! The driver board has a standard 2.1mm jack, 7805 +5V regulator, PIC16F54 microcontroller, push button, and a PICkit programming/debugging header to boot. This board just screaming to be hacked. This board has the potential to be one of the cheapest development boards.

This kind of display is widely used in panel meters, clocks and other information displays. See below for even more applications.


Display Size: 101.6mm X 30.48mm
Driver Board Size: 70.5mm X 44.5mm
Power Supply For Bargraph: DC4V-5.5V 0.8A/pcs (Maximum), for each additional panel, add another 0.8A, will not have enough brightness under 4V.
Power supply for Driver Board: 12VDC, 1A for a 2.1mm Barrel Jack
Driver board includes: 7805 VReg, PIC16F54, PICkit programming/debugging header
Maximum clock freq: 10MHz, 4 boards serialized.
Suggested Refresh Rate: Less than 10Hz if DIMM is not used. Less than 50Hz if DIMM is used.
Drive Current/segment: 10mA +3mA/-2mA, this value may be changed based on production batch.
Drive Method: Fully static.


  • Binary Clock
  • Equalizer
  • Bargraph
  • Volume Level
  • Counter
  • Cylon Eye aka Larson scanner
  • Meter/level Display

Sample Arduino code available under the "Resources" tab.

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