White LED Light Strip


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$14.99 ea.

Here's a SMD White LED Light Strip. Use these these 5050 12V DC LEDs to light up the darkest of places including but not limited to: closets, shelves, drawers,  backpacks, lunch kits, trees, plants. You know, all those crazy places.

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This item is a flexible PCB-based LED strip which integrates 30 pcs of 5050 white LEDs. It is flexible so that it can be pasted on any surface of almost all shapes because of the 3MTMadhesive tape on the back of the strip. Like other LED strips you can use scissors to cut the strip into many shorter pieces to fit many applications. Moreover, this strip employs an UL-certified AWM170 cable to help connect with power supply so that this strip becomes more reliable and durable than other strips. Possible applications include emergency signs, edge-lighting or even a vehicle's remodel.

You just need the 12VDC 1A Power Adapter and Female power connector to light it easily.


  • Size: 500.00(L) x 12.00(W) x 2.00(H) ± 0.20mm
  • PCB thickness: 0.2mm
  • Total number of 5050 LEDs on strip: 30
  • Color of LEDs: White
  • Color Temperature: Closer to the Cool spectrum
  • Working current: 600mAh
  • LED viewing angle (2 1/2): 100 degrees
  • Electrical/optical characteristics: TA=25°C
  • Forward voltage: 12V (if = 600mAh)
  • Luminous flux: 320 (if = 600mAh)
  • Recommend forward current: 600mAh
  • Flexible and durable
  • 3M adhesive tape on the back helps paste on surfaces of all shapes


500.00(L) x 12.00(W) x 2.00(H) ± 0.20mm








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