Medium Component Storage Box - Green SKU: 52201

Medium Component Storage Box – Green

$2.85 USD

Flip-top modular plastic box to keep your workbench organized.

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$2.85 USD
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These storage boxes have individual clear pop-open covers so you can keep only the ones you want open – less risk of mixing up parts or having a spill. The brilliance of these boxes is that they also snap together, in any configuration you want.

You can mix all the sizes to make the ideal box for your needs, and add on more containers as necessary. There’s a leaf-spring hinged top that will last much longer than an all-plastic molded top.

These medium boxes are 30mm wide, 75mm long and 21mm tall (1.1×2.9x 0.82″) on the outside and are ideal for small parts, components, or beads (or really anything!), and are made of green plastic with clear frosted lid.


  • Automatically opens by just clicking the grip.
  • Opens 90 degree for easy access.
  • Locks automatically when pushed down.
  • Excellent storage for ICs, chips form capacitors and resistors, small screws, nuts, washers and lockwashers etc.
  • Specially designed profiles on four sides of the box ensure a secured connection with other boxes of the same kind.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 3 × 2.1 cm


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