Ardweeny Shield


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$15.50 ea.

Put your Ardweeny onto a prototyping shield, and add regular shields to it!

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What? You want to use an Ardweeny with more prototyping area? Heresy! Absurd? Um... hey, that's not bad.... The Wicked Device's Ardweeny Shield has all the pins brought out to easy-access places, and it includes two onboard LEDs and a switch, already connected to ground.

On top of the full prototyping shield kit, you also get long-pin dual headers, and a mini breadboard. Detailed step by step assembly instructions are online at

Here's what it lets you do:

  • Stack standard Arduino headers onto your Ardweeny. That's right - use your Ardweeny with regular shield boards.
  • All pins on the Ardweeny are brought out to easy to access places.
  • Mount shields above or below - after all, you may want the protoboard on the top.
  • Mini breadboard for project work
  • SOIC pad
  • Power rails down the middle of the prototyping area

What's in the box:

1x    Printed circuit board
1x    Mini-Breadboard
1x    Red LED
2x    Capacitors
8x    Female headers
4x    Extra long pin female headers for stacking.
1x    Socket for Ardweeny
Kit does not include the Ardweeny - this is just the prototyping shield.





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