Teensy Microcontroller, Version 4.0


21.95 USD

Teensy 4.0 is pretty much a Teensy 3.2 with 13X greater performance, as it features a 600MHz ARM M7 processor!

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Featuring the (presently) fastest microcontroller on the market, Teensy 4.0 more than quadruples the performance of the Teensy 3.6, and more than 6x faster than an ESP32, and still is Arduino IDE-compatible!

It has the same size and shape as the Teensy 3.2, and retains most of the same pin functions too.

As usual, PJRC has broken out a great many features to this chipset:

  • ARM Cortex-M7 Processor @ 600MHz
  • 1024K RAM
  • 2048k FLASH (64k reserved)
  • 2 x USB ports at 480MBit/S (really? REALLY? USB that fast on a micro? Wow...)
  • 3 x CAN Bus (1 with FD)
  • 2 x I²S Digital Audio
  • 1 x S/PDIF Digital Audio
  • 1 x SDIO native SD (4 bit)
  • 3 x I²C with 4-tybe FIFO
  • 32 x general purpose DMA channels
  • 31 x PWM pins (remember having only 4 on an Uno?)
  • 40 x Digital I/O pins all interrupt capable
  • 14 x Analog pins, with 2 ADCs (on chip)
  • Cryptographic Acceleration
  • Random Number Generator
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Programmable FlexIO
  • Peripheral cross triggering
  • Power On/Off management

Power consumption is also very manageable, being about 100mA in normal operation. Additionally, it supports dynamic clock scaling while maintaining proper timing across the peripherals. Serial and sampling rates work properly as you scale the CPU speed.

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