Arduino Shield - MEGA Proto PCB


This Product Has Been Discontinued, This Page Is For Reference Only.

6.50 USD
$6.50 ea.

This is just the PCB for building the MEGA Protoshield

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This item contains just the PCB for building the MEGA Protoshield. You supply your own connectors and accessories.

 The design has a nice feature set:

  • Power bus for +5V and GND down the center of the board.
  • Central bus can be configured to carry +5V, GND, neither or both (set with jumpers)
  • Special horizontal 5-pin bus to install pin headers for external connections
  • 2x5 IDC connector area for external connections
  • Holes connected in groups of five, much like a breadboard
  • All regular Arduino pins accessible on top
  • No worries about shorting against large USB jack! This Shield does not go over it!
  • Power LED and reset button on top
  • USB/External power jumper accessible with protoshield installed
  • Components required to fully populate the protoboard are:
    • 0.1µF or 0.22µF capacitor
    • 330/470 ohm resistor
    • LED
    • Tactile Switch
    • Header pins (2x3 female, 6-pin female, 9 x 8-pin female, 6-pin male, 2 x jumpers)

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