3.7V 110mAh LiPoly battery for E-Textiles


6.95 USD
$6.95 ea.

What makes this battery special for E-textiles? Built-in current limiting for safety.

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LiPoly cells are amazing. Light, good voltage, and whompfuls (yes, whompfuls) of current-delivery ability. This last bit can be a dangerous aspect when you're wearing a LiPoly battery next to your skin, like you often do with e-textile projects.

This particular battery has been specially prepared for use with e-textiles, as it features a built-in current limiter, capping the current dump to within 240~380mA. Additionally, shorting it out will not cause a catastrophic failure, which can be disastrous with LiPoly cells, especially when near human flesh!


  • 3.7V nominal voltage
  • 110mAh nominal capacity
  • Current limited to 240~380mA
  • < 8% discharge per month
  • -25 to 60 degree C (-13 to 140F) operational temperature range
  • 2mm JST-PH power connector (please ensure connector matches polarity on your project's jack)
  • Built-in protection from
    • over-voltage
    • over-current
    • minimum-voltage damage
  • 5.7 x 12 x 28mm (0.24 x 0.47 x 1.10")

** Please note: shipping restrictions on Lithium batteries limit the quantity we are able to ship in one order.   25 max for shipments by Air.

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