Parallel Gripper Kit A - Channel Mount


14.95 USD
$14.95 ea.

Actobotics Large Servo-driven Claw

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This is a pretty nicely laser-cut kit featuring strong ABS components. Cleverly designed by the people at Actobotics, this Parallel Gripper Kit A is assembled only with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Although we're informed that it is compatible with both Hitec and Futaba standard-servo, our tests show that it's happier with the Hitec. Our own tests using our standard GWS servo (featuring Futaba splines) were successful, but a bit more difficult to assemble. When putting the claws together, you have to pay attention to the position of the servo in relation to the arms, and you may need to adjust the position a few times to get it right. We recommend you test-fit the geometry before really press-fitting in the GWS/Futaba splines.


  • 2.8" wide maximum opening
  • Hitec / Futaba spline compatible (press-fit)
  • 127 x 104mm wide (5" x 4.1" wide)
  • Features both 0.77" and 1.5" Actobotics hub patterns

Note: Servo NOT included

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