SparkFun Atomic IMU 6 Degrees of Freedom


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$124.95 ea.
$112.46 ea.

The 6DOF Atomic is a XBee-ready, stripped-down Inertia Measurement Unit, designed to give good performance at an affordable price. So get measuring rotation and translation, people!

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So you need an Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU), eh? Have a hankering to measure rotation & translation in the 3 standard planes & axis of existence? Thought so. Here's something to consider: The SparkFun 6DOF Atomic.

The 6DOF Atomic is a stripped-down IMU, designed to give reasonably good performance at a low price. You are still able to measure rotation and acceleration in all three axis, but by using a low-cost Atmel ATMega168, this IMU is affordable, and capable! It's even XBee-ready!

The 6DOF Atomic can talk standard serial via a wire interface (0/3.3V signals at 115200bps), or can be interfaced with an XBee RF module and still be powered from a single Lithium Polymer battery.

Atmel ATMega168 running at 10MHz with 6 dedicated 10-bit ADC channels reading the sensors. Source code for the 6DOF Atomic is freely available and compiles with the free AVR GCC compiler.

The data stream created by the 6DOF Atomic can be generated in either ASCII or binary, and can be read by the 6DOF Atomic IMU Mixer demo application (source code also available).


  • ATmega168 running at 10MHz, with 6 dedicated 10-bit ADC sensor-reading channels 
  • Open source code using the AVR GCC compiler for DIY code-tinkering
  • Input voltage: 3.4V to 10V DC
  • Current consumption: 24mA (75mA with X-bee)
  • Sensors:
    • 1 x Freescale MMA7260Q TM triple-axis accelerometer, settable to 1.5g, 2g, 4g or 6g sensitivity
      • 350Hz, X and Y axes
      • 150Hz, Z axis
      • 0.00403g/tick @ 1.5g
      • 0.00537g/tick @ 2g
      • 0.0107g/tick @ 4g
      • 0.0161g/tick @ 6g
    • 3 x ST Microelectronics LISY300AL TM single-axis, 300°/s gyros
      • 88Hz, 0.977°/tick (ADC count)
  • Dimensions: 1.85 x 1.45 x 0.975 inches (47 x 37 x 25 mm)





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