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IKA Logic's SCANALOGIC-2 PRO is a small, powerful 4-channel logic analyser with features not found elsewhere on a device this affordable.

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April 2012 Update: ScanaStudio! Ikalogic has been working hard with this new release of their ScanaStudio Logic software. It looks like a substantial improvement, complete with new CAN and LIN and manchester decoders.

So you've got a soldering iron, decent multimeter, and a handful of good tools. An oscilloscope is on the horizon, but you want to see that I2C communication channel that's giving you grief now. Even if you did have your oscilloscope, would it decode that communication for you?

Fortunately, Logic Analysers are dedicated to showing you how different channels of communication look, and the better ones make it easy to see the actual data streams. The IKA Logic Scanalogic-2 Pro is such a device, and it's quite affordable too! Before you buy, download and try the software!

Here's a short list of what this handy USB-based device offers:

  • 4 Channel capture
  • 20 million samples per second data acquisition
  • Decodes UART (serial), SPI, I2C, 1Wire, LIN1.x, LIN2.x & Maplebus protocols
  • 256K x 4 Sampling buffer
  • Detects logic signals of 1.8V, 2.8V, 3.3V and 5V
  • Use 2 channels as a signal generator (PWM, FM, and serial data) and 2 channels to record results!
  • Use all 4 channels as as signal generator, or playback recorded bitstreams!
  • Software FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation for depth frequency analysis
  • Save/load captured data for playback and dual-view data-overlay
  • Highlight any instance of characters in the bitstream
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Helpful status-window, with progress indicator & hints
  • CAN bus analysis feature. Combining this with the existing LIN bus decoder, it makes SCANALOGIC-2 one of the cheapest logic analyzers that can reliably decode and analyse automobile busses like CAN and LIN.

There's more to see, but these are the key features we've found noteworthy while playing with it. It's a cool little device.

Comparing it to the Saleae unit (which we also carry), there's some overlap and differences:

  IKALogic Saleae Logic
Channels 4 8
Max Samples / sec 20M 24M
Microhooks Adequate Deluxe!
Protocols decoded UART (Serial), SPI, I2C, 1Wire, Maplebus UART (Serial), SPI, I2C, 1Wire,CAN
Acquisition time Slower to upload to PC than Saleae unit FAST sample-to-PC transfer
 Data display  Must "Decode" to have data display onscreen  Auto-displays data
Cursors  Persistence, defined with click/drag

 Dynamically "pops" around with pointer

OS WIn32 Win32/WIn64/OSX/ Linux32/Linux64

In short, the Saleae unit is more polished, having 8 channels and quicker/slicker software. On the other hand, the IKALogic supports FFT, can generate/playback serial & datastreams, and is less expensive.

Which is best for you? Umm... you can download and test the software of each, but for us, it's a bit of a toss-up. We're using both pretty much equally, as it's rare we need to watch more than 4 channels at a time.






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