Hakko FX-901 - Cordless Soldering Iron


34.95 USD
$34.95 ea.

Soldering irons are great when mains power is nearby. For those times when you need to crawl under a car dash, the Hakko battery-powered version suits the need better.

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Access to power for soldering irons has been a chief concern when we've been out on remote jobs. In the future, this little unit will come with us, and no more worries about AC power.

Designed for use with 4 AA cells, you'll easily get up to soldering temperatures. The data graph included shows easily an hour of useful soldering time on a fresh set of batteries, with temperatures between 400 and 600 degrees C (750 to 1100 degrees F), which is well capable of melting electronics solder.

It's a decent, inexpensive insurance policy to have in your toolkit.


  • Cordless, compact design
  • Quick-release soldering tip
  • Alkaline and NiMH rechargeable battery compatible (will affect maximum temperature / duration)


  • 4AA cell operation
  • 400 and 600 degrees C (750 to 1100 degrees F)
  • 6W consumption (Alkaline) 60 minutes useful life
  • 5W consumption (NiMH) 120 minutes useful life
  • T11-B tip (Shape-B)
  • 212mm (8.34") long
  • 76g (2.68 oz)
Note: Batteries not included

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