ChipQuik SMD Removal Kit


$15.95 USD
$15.95 ea.

ChipQuik is a powerful desoldering tool that makes removing even the smallest surface mount package a breeze.

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ChipQuik is a revolutionary new way to remove any leaded surface mount components (SOIC, TQFP, PLCC etc.) quickly and easily. All you do is apply the ChipQuik flux to the leads of the part you want to remove, and then use the special ChipQuik solder to form a thin bead around the leads of the device and literally float it off the pads. It’s easy, and it doesn’t require any expensive rework equipment.

Ideal for:

  • Engineers, technicians, hobbyists
  • Field repairs
  • Salvaging valuable components

How it works:

ChipQuik features a special alloy that has excellent wetting ability and melts at the very low temperature of 58°C (136°F). By using the flux and alloy, the (original) reheated solder becomes "contaminated" by the new chemistry and the resultant mixture is easy to keep molten. The chip is then easily removed. After cleanup with solder-wick and some alcohol, the board is ready for a new chip.

ChipQuik can also help in removing stubborn DIP packages as well by improving wetting and reducing the temperature needed to melt the solder, protecting delicate ICs from damage.

The Process:

  • Begin by smearing a small amount of flux on the pins
  • Apply ChipQuik solder to the pins
  • Apply enough heat to keep the mixture molten
  • When all pins are heated, the chip will begin to move around easily
  • Quickly remove the chip
  • Clean up

In practice, it's even easier than it sounds. Don't take our word for it - try it for yourself!

Who Should Use ChipQuik

ChipQuick is ideally suited for those whose work with SMD devices does not justify the expense of expensive rework stations or where time and location make the use of machinery impractical or impossible (i.e. on-site and field repairs).

The SMD 1 Kit contains enough materials to remove 8-10 Surface Mount Devices (SMDs):

Kit Includes:

  • Contents 2.5 ft. ChipQuik Alloy
  • 1 cc syringe of CHIP QUIK no clean rework paste flux.
  • Alcohol pads for clean up.
  • Complete instructions

Chipquik SMD Removal Procedure:

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