Devantech TPA81 8x1 Thermopile


Price (CAD)
$119.40 ea.

This tidy little 1 row x 8 element thermopile sensor reads the temperature across a 41 degree sweep. And it can control a servo to automatically pan and create it's own thermal image!

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The Devantech TPA81 Thermopile array is a single row of 8 thermal elements, which gives you the nifty ability to scan in a single dimension looking for the heat signatures, and tell what temperature at each zone is. It uses an I2C interface, much like the rest of the Devantech sensor line.

It can detect a candle flame at a range of 2 meters (6'6")!

And here's something real cool: It can control it's own panning servo to build up a thermal image!

Power 5V, 5mA
Temperature Range 4° to 100°C (39.2° to 212°F)
Size 43mm x 20mm x 17mm tall (1.69" x 0.79" x 0.67 tall)
Connections I2C 
Field of View (FOV) 41° x 6° (8 pixels of approx. 5° x 6°)
Accuracy (Full FOV)
4° to 10°C
(39.2° to 50°F)
+/-3°C (5.4°F)
Accuracy (Full FOV)
11° to 100°C
(58.1° to 212°F)
+/-2°C (3.6°F)
Output Data Outputs - 1 ambient + 8 pixel temperatures
Size 31mm x 18mm (1.22" x 0.71")
Servo Control Resolution 32 steps to 180° rotation





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