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A great introduction to starting out with Radio Frequency (RF) Networking. Use your computer to control a remote application or have the application control the computer. This bundle + guide will get you up and running with RF networking in a practical way.

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We've been asked quite a few times on how to get started use wireless networking modules so we figured we'd give the people what they want! Synapse Wireless does have their own introductory bundle but we wanted to release a quick start hardware bundle + software guide of our own. We also wanted to give you access to small form factor application boards with plenty of breakout pins in order to fit the RF modules into a practical application right away.

We have tested these modules outdoors under power lines and have obtained real-world ranges of 500 ft. Line of sight outdoors and from indoors to outdoors upwards of 175 ft at a data rate of 57600 baud.

The documentation will get you through downloading the Free Portal user interface Software to program and configure the Synapse modules. It also gives a quick overview and explanation of the functionality and layout of the Portal Software. Other thing the documentation will show you is how to setup a transparent serial link, meaning that you can communicate back and forth from a PC to a microcontroller without wires! You could also create a transparent serial link to give you long range communication to an EZ-B, Arduino, or whatever device you'd like that uses TTL serial communication. Make wireless gaming controllers, data-loggers, home automation controllers, remote robot controllers, etc.

The following parts are included in the kit:

1x Solarbotics Synapse-to-FTDI Adapter Kit
2x Synapse RF100PC6 Module with Integrated 'F' Antenna
1x Solarbotics Synapse Breakout Board Kit
1x USB A to Mini-B Cable (6 Ft.)
1x 3 AA Battery Holder
1x 15kohm Resistor
1x 10kohm Resistor





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