Propeller FLiP Microcontroller Module


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$34.53 ea.

A 3.3V Propeller-based microcontroller focused on providing an easy to use platform for educational purposes.

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A sturdy, breadboard-friendly microcontroller made with education in mind. The Propeller FliP module provides all of the necessities to get you started on your next school project or curriculum with built in USB, easy to read labeling, a 3.3V regulator, and reverse polarity protection.

It's programmed using the block based, drag and drop firmware environment aptly named BlocklyProp which allows for students or those new to programming to jump into electronics projects without extensive knowledge on how to code. It's compatible with Chromebook, Windows, and Mac for easy implementation across most platforms and also includes an online resource of community projects that you can use as templates, examples, and resources!


  • 8-core Propeller microcontroller system with 64KB EEPROM and 5 MHz oscillator
  • Fully assembled 40-pin DIP package, NO soldering required!
  • USB micro-B connector for power, programming, and communication
  • Two built-in, user-programmable LEDs peek through vias in the PCB
  • Additional LEDs indicate power, TX/RX communication, and over-current fault
  • Tiny edge-mounted reset button lets you restart the Propeller without disconnecting
  • White blocks by power pins and special-function pins can be color-coded with markers to support student success
  • Supported by the BlocklyProp graphical online programming tool
  • Fully open source with free BlocklyProp, C, Spin, and assembly language programming tools
  • USB A to Micro B cable required, not included.


  • Microcontroller: 8-core Propeller P8X32A-Q44
  • EEPROM: 64 KB on I2C
  • Oscillator: 5 MHz SMT
  • Form factor: 40-pin DIP with 0.1" pin spacing
  • GPIO: 32 accessible, 26 fully free
    • P26 & P27: user-programmable LEDs
    • P28 & P29: I2C bus with EEPROM
    • P30 & P31: Propeller programming
  • Power Input:  5V via USB, or 5–9 VDC via VIN pin
  • USB protection: USB limiter and fault loop circuit.
  • 3.3 V protection:
    • switching supply short circuit and over-current protection
    • reverse-current protection on 3.3 V output pin
  • Current Limits
    • 400 mA from USB port, via 3.3V▷, 5V▷, and I/O pins
    • 1500 mA from USB supply, via 3.3V▷, 5V▷, and I/O pins
    • 1800 mA from ▷5-9V pin, via 3.3V▷ and I/O pins
  • Communication: Serial over micro USB
  • Operating temperature: -4 to +185 °F (-20 to +85 °C)
  • PCB Dimensions: ~ 2.0 x 0.7 in (51 x 18 mm)


  • Product Guide:
  • Blockly Programming Tool:

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