Digital Infra-Red Rangefinding DIRRS+


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$18.50 ea.

The Digital Infra-Red Rangefinding System turns the excellent Sharp series of analog-output IR sensors into a digital-talking sensor!

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When the Sharp sensors disappeared, this project was shelved, but with their re-introduction, we've dusted off and improved the code and adapted it to the new version.

Remember the old Sharp GP2D02 sensors? They were pretty handy, accurately measuring the distance to an object, then sending it back to your microcontroller as a serial stream. Worked pretty good, except you had to have a conversion table to turn it into usable distance units. Ah, but then they went out of production. So long, poor GP2D02 - was nice having you!

But that wasn't good enough for us. It was a good idea, but needed more. So here it is: The Digital Infra-Red Rangefinding Plus (DIRRS+) Kit.

We take a Sharp GP2Y0A21 sensor, and add our own brains to it. Not only does it duplicate exactly what the GP2Y0A21 offered, it one-ups it by talking several ways to your microcontroller:

  • Asynchronous Serial 8-bit output at 4800bps (Default mode)
  • Synchronous (clocked) Serial 8-bit output
  • Asynchronous Serial 8-bit output in Centimeters at 4800bps

The DIRRS+ does not require the special "JST-3 Sharp" connector and cable. Use a standard 0.100" header, or solder wires directly to the module PCB!

If you have a need to measure distances with the precision of the excellent Sharp GP2D12 quickly and simply, without having to burden your micro with more math, this is the unit for you! Here's more specifics:

  • Inexpensive (about 1/4 the price of Ultrasonics)
  • Simple to use
  • Small (4.5 x 1.5 x 2.3 cm)
  • Connects directly to any microcontroller I/O
  • Detection range: 10 cm to 80 cm (4" to 31")
  • Low microprocessor overhead (uses only 1 or 2 I/O line and a few lines of code)
  • Highly tolerant of ambient light and IR interference
  • Nearly immune to variations in object colour and reflectivity
  • Now an Open-Source Project

Creative Commons License
DIRRS+ Source by Solarbotics Ltd. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.
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