All-Seeing Eye Sensor Mount Kit - Standard Range


Price (CAD)
$66.92 ea.

The All-seeing Eye is a custom acrylic enclosure used to mount 4 Infrared distance sensors that can detect obstacles in a close to 360 degree radius. These sensors are easily chained together and all communicate on a single, shared I2C port.

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The All-Seeing Eye is a platform that can allow your application to “see” in all directions (N-E-S-W). No more sticky tape, hot glue and other inappropriate substances to install your distance sensors. The All-Seeing Eye is an enclosure to mount 4 Infrared distance sensors (your choice of short or long range), so no one ever will approach your bot unnoticed! This platform conforms to the SAFE standards and is 100% compatible with mounting on the Solarbotics DragonTail and Brutusbot chassis'. Stand alone, the All-seeing eye also accommodates all kinds of Arduino form-factor boards such as the Freeduino, Arduino UNO, and the PICAXE Shield base.

Check out the Youtube video to see it in action (please ignore that it's upside down :D ).

Kit includes:
- 40cm of 4 conductor ribbon cable
- All-Seeing Eye SAFE acrylic parts
- 20-pin male header
- (4) 4-pin female headers
- (12) #4-40 nuts
- (16) #4-40 x 3/8" bolts
- (4) #4 x1/8" spacers
- (4) Sharp GP2Y0A21 (I2C-it) distance sensors

We also sell the same kit fitted with long-range sensors.





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