Roving Networks Class 1 Bluetooth Dongle


48.00 USD
$48.00 ea.

The RN-USB-X is a Class 1 Bluetooth adapter that solves the problem plaguing complicated and error-filled standard Bluetooth dongles. With power Class 1 not only do you get solid wireless communication but 100 meters of transmission distance as well!

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Unlike other Bluetooth USB adapters which load bulky Bluetooth drivers and require operating system support, the RN-USB-X natively supports SPP (Serial Port) or DUN (Dial Up Networking) Bluetooth profiles.

The RN-USB-X utilizes the latest FTDI chip for USB to serial conversion.  Microsoft-certified serial interface drivers are installed automatically over the network.  Once detected, the user can configure and control the RN-USB-X using a simple ASCII command API over the COM port to configure the Bluetooth radio functionality.  No GUI or API drivers into the Bluetooth stack are needed.  By using a simple COM port interface, the data connection is more reliable and stable.


  • No Bluetooth drivers required!!!
  • Easily attaches to USB ports and installs as a virtual COM port
  • USB serial adapter eliminates messy cable clutter with Bluetooth link
  • Compatible with all of Roving Networks' serial adapters and Bluetooth modules and other devices supporting SPP
  • Auto pairing and auto connect feature when communicating with other Roving devices
  • Conveniently located DIP switches for baud rate selection and auto pair/connect modes
  • Class 1 Bluetooth device with integrated antenna supporting Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
  • Settings can be easily changed with AT commands via serial port and remotely over Bluetooth
  • Status LEDs for TX/RX data, power/connection status and configuration mode
  • Advanced Trigger mode connects/disconnects upon sensing incoming data


  • Wireless cable replacement
  • Measurement/Monitoring systems
  • Medical devices
  • Asset tracking
  • Robotics


Bluetooth Versions

2.1 + EDR, 2.0, 1.2, 1.1

Data rate

300 Kbps

Baud rate

1200 to 232 Kbps and non-standard values

Frequency Band

2.412 - 2.484 GHz

Modulation Techniques

FHSS/GFSK modulation, 79 channels at 1 MHz intervals



Output power


Operating temperature range

-40 to +85°C


USB, Bluetooth




2.7" x 0.95" x 0.28"


FCC, IC, CE, Bluetooth SIG

Note: To be able to get the fully rated transmission distance of 100m a Class 1 bluetooth device is needed at both ends of the communication link.

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