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Grove – Recorder

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Grove record and playback module.

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This Grove module offers a simple record and playback unit based on the ISD1820P audio IC.  The sampling rate is reconfigurable from the default 100k resistor (allowing 10 seconds) to between 8 and 20 seconds with appropriate change in audio quality.

Press “REC” to record, and “PLAY” to playback, or use the Grove interface for microcontroller activation.


  • ISD1820P audio IC
  • Grove interface in addition to pushbutton activation
  • Non-volatile storage for audio
  • Jumper select (R8) for auto-repeat play from default single-play cycle.
  • Complete with 8Ω, 2W mini-speaker
  • Sampling frequency resistor (R6) modifiable to:
    • 80k for 8 seconds @ 8kHz sampling / 3.4kHz bandwidth
    • 100k (default) 10 seconds @ 6.4kHz / 2.6kHz bandwidth
    • 120k for 12 seconds @ 5.3kHz / 2.3kHz bandwidth
    • 160k for 16 seconds @ 4.0kHz / 1.7kHz bandwidth
    • 200k for 20 seconds @ 3.2kHz / 1.3kHz bandwidth

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