Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor


6.40 USD
$6.40 ea.

Measure temperature and humidity with the pre-calibrated Grove TempHumi sensor.

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This is a nice, calibrated temperature and humidity sensor in a Grove package. It uses a DHT11 sensor that's able to give reliable readings between 20 and 90% relative humidity and 0 and 50 degrees C. Yes, that means you can't freeze it - that's bad for the sensor!

  • Grove compatible interface
  • DHT11 combination sensor
    • 20 ~ 90% relative humidity (+/- 5% HR)
    • 0 ~ 50 degrees C (+/- 2 degrees C)
    • 2 second sampling frequency 
  • 6~15 seconds response time
  • 3.3~5VDC
  • Relative humidity and temperature measurement
  • Full range temperature compensation calibrated
  • Long transmission distance
  • Low power consumption

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