Grove - RGB Backlight LCD


15.00 USD
$15.00 ea.

Have your Grove experiment display more information in more ways than just 2 lines of 16 characters of text. Have it change the background lighting of the LCD for additional feedback.

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The Grove RGB LCD is another quick, plug-in-and-go solution for adding text information to your project. Besides text, have it change the background color with simple settings commands to dynamically shift to a new shade or intensity.

Plug it into the Grove's I2C channel, and you're ready to load the Arduino library to make it display your text and colors. That's all you have to do.


  • Grove Compatible Interface
  • 16 character x 2 rows, RGB backlight (255/255/255 levels of illumination)
  • 5VDC operation
  • I2C interface
  • Built in English & Japanese fonts
  • Customizable symbol table
  • CGROM: 10880 bit
  • CGRAM: 64*8 bit
  • SeeedStudios SULI library support
  • Arduino Library support


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