Arduino Starter Bundle - Ultimate


Price (USD)
$93.50 ea.

This kit is basically the same as the Ultimate Freeduino Starter Bundle, but it includes the Arduino Uno, which requires no extra soldering.  It is a great way to get started on using Arduinos.

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Ready to dive head-first into the waters of Freeduino Land (which is actually also known as "The Fabulous Republic of Arduino")? This comprehensive bundle is what you're looking for. This will provide you with the essentials to use the popular Arduino Uno R3 (which doesn't require any soldering) to its full potential.

We've included all the useful components for a complete breadboarding environment along with a big handful of resistors, LEDs and other components to suit a wide range of projects. We've even included Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi (the co-founder of the Arduino Project)

Included Parts:
1x Arduino USB Board (Uno R3)
1x 2-Panel Breadboard
1x Breadboard Jumper Wire Bundle
1x Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit
1x USB A to B Cable (6 ft)
1x Adapter, 6VDC @ 500mA
5x Standard Red LED
1x Ultra-Bright LED - Red
1x Ultra-Bright LED - Yellow
1x Ultra-Bright LED - Green
1x CdS Light Sensitive Resistor
1x 10k Single-turn Trimpot
5x 100 ohm Resistor
5x 1.0k Resistor
5x 10k Resistor
2x Tact Switch
1x Getting Started with Arduino 3rd Edition





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