Price (CAD)
$79.95 ea.

The PropSTICK is USB device which lets you access all the Propeller's pins on a 0.1" format.

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The PropSTICK USB is a rapid development tool for the Propeller microcontroller which provides access to all 32 I/O pins on a 0.1" pin spacing format. Intended for use on a solderless breadboard, the PropSTICK USB is also ideally suited for applications where it is socket-mounted on a custom-designed PCB. Great for firmware updates in the field ! The PropSTICK USB is fully assembled and features:

  • Propeller P8X32A-M44 chip
  • 32kB 24LC256-I/ST EEPROM
  • FTDI FT232RG and mini USB connector
  • USB data transfer indicator LEDs
  • 5 MHz crystal in a removable socket
  • 3.3V 500mA voltage regulator
  • Reset pushbutton switch

A 2 foot-long, retractable mini-USB cable is included with each PropSTICK.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PropSTICK USB is not intended to be plugged into Parallax 40-pin BASIC Stamp board sockets (found on the Professional Development Board, for example). Differences in programming interface, pinouts and operating voltages are the main reason behind this incompatibility.





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