Parallax Propeller Accessory Kit


Price (CAD)
$125.99 ea.

This accessory kit is specially designed for the Parallax Propeller IC. Not too many microcontrollers can support a keyboard, mouse, and monitor!

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The Parallax Propeller microcontroller is unlike practically any other micro you may have played with. "Sure, I'll try one..." you say. Take it home, and watch it promptly eat up the 3 LCD modules, 5 sensors, and run that mega LED display of yours and still want more.

You see, since the Propeller has such ...unusual... capabilities in a chip, you might not have all the accessories to properly flex the muscle that this chip has. So we present to you, the Propeller Accessories Kit.

This ain't your traditional "wires, LCD and cable" kit - this is a full complement bundle, featuring:

  • 3.5" LCD A/V colour display
  • Parallax PS/2 Mini Keyboard
  • Parallax PS/2 Optical Mouse

How's them apples for accessories for a microcontroller? Pretty spiffy, eh?

The mouse and keyboard are specifically designed for use with the Propeller, and are not guaranteed to work with other systems (I.e.: personal computers). The display requires a 12VDC, 1A power supply (not included).

NOW you're ready to really tear it up with the Propeller. Get to porting Linux to this bad boy, and get back to





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