PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board


Price (CAD)
$14.95 ea.
$13.90 ea.

If you thought the PICAXE was a handy chip on it's own, try it with a bundled L293D motor driver chip! This will let you make very small and tidy motorized projects with the simplicity of the PICAXE development system!

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If you thought the tiny, convenient 8-pin PICAXE-08M was handy, imaging combining it into a board with the really handy L293D motor driver IC.. This is about as simple as a board can get to let you conveniently drive 4 outputs from a PICAXE.

It features:

  • PICAXE-08 microcontroller
  • Programming jack
  • 4 outputs on pins 0,1,2,3, which can drive up to 4 motors unidirectionally (one-way), or two motors bidirectionally

But keep in mind that this is a simple board, and you are restricted to running it at a maximum of 6V, so that means your motor (or other loads) should not total more than 800mA at 4.5V (the L293D "eats" 1.5V).

Do you need the PICAXE Programming Editor Software? You'll find it and other downloads right here!





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