Serial OLED Module (16x2)


25.50 USD
$25.50 ea.

OLEDs are simply the next step up in display technology. Sure, a regular LCD may work, but you should use OLEDs when you need a much brighter display, much better viewing angle and lower current consumption!

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"Wow - that's sharp!"

That's what you'll think when you see these dynamite 16x2 yellow-on-black organic LED display units. With sharper contrast and a wider viewing angle, these simply put regular LED displays to shame. And since it's build by the same smarty-pants people that do the PICAXE, you know it's a well thought-out device, as it's running from a PICAXE-18M2 controller, allowing simple serial communication (2400,N,8,1) with practically any microcontroller.

The AXE133 firmware the controller uses can also be modified and reloaded to tweak the display to your own purposes. In the PICAXE programming environment, it's located under File / Open / Samples / AXE133 Serial OLED.bas, or it can be downloaded from here.

Using the module:

From a PICAXE, it's as simple as:

serout B.7, N2400, ("Hello World")

For Arduino, there's a full library:

        //AXE133Y Example Sketch
        #define oledPin 5
        AXE133Y OLED = AXE133Y(oledPin);
        void setup() {
        OLED.splash("  Hello World!");
          void loop() {

This soldering kit includes the 16x2 OLED display, 18M2, PCB and all components

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