VMusic2 MP3 module


This Product Has Been Discontinued, This Page Is For Reference Only.

40.35 USD
$40.35 ea.

The Vinculum VMusic2 is a killer little module that lets you add USB drives and add MP3 playback to your microcontroller projects!

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The Vinculum VMusic2 is a killer little module that lets you add USB drives and add MP3 playback to your microcontroller projects!

  • Based on the FTDI VNC1L (for USB) and VLSH VS1003 (for media playback)
  • MP3 / WMA playback
  • USB 'A' socket for Flash-drive
  • Audio line-out
  • Stereo 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 4 dataline control, pulse power/ground
  • 5V supply
  • Data transfer indicator LED
  • Serial/SPI selectable
  • VDAP command set lets you control volume, balance, file selection , FFWD/ RWD
  • RoHS compliant

Ideal for carputer fans!

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