PICAXE-14M Project Board


Price (USD)
$6.20 ea.

The PICAxe is a very handy microcontroller, but it's easier to use if you have a prototyping PCB to mount it to! HVWTech is the place to get it!

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The PICAxe-14M Project Board Kit is great for rapidly building your PICAxe-based project.

It offers a buffered output circuit using the ULN2003A darlington driver (a very common "muscle" chip), that will let you have more-than-ample power to drive a LED, speaker, or a motor (in one direction - it isn't an H-Bridge chip). There's even a set of resistors included to scale the output voltages down to 3.3V if your system requires it!

Note, though, that this does not include a PICAXE 14M IC. But you can get one right here!



PICAXE Manual Part 1 - Getting Started (.pdf)
PICAXE Manual Part 2 - BASIC Commands (.pdf)
PICAXE Manual Part 3 - Interfacing Circuits (.pdf)
Programming Editor (.exe)





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