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The PICAXE-28X2 builds on top of the X1, improving on the already impressive specs and adding more features.

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The 18F25K22 version of the PICAXE-28X2 is the newest revision of the popular 28 series, this new chip replaces both of the discontinued PIC18F2520 (28X2-5V) and the PIC18F25K20 (28X2-3V). This new revision adds more great specs on top of additional PWM channels, and new support for touch sensors and RFIN & RFOUT commands. Now you're working with a even more powerful micro, and still not having to crack a book on "C" programming!

 ·         Up to 4 internal program slots and 32 external program slots

·         RAM, up to 256 bytes + 1024 bytes scratchpad

·         Increased operating speed, up to 64Mhz (16Mhz internal)

·         Individual pin input/output control

·         16 ADC configurable pins now available

·          4 PWM configurable pins now available

 These are the new 28X2 specifications:

 ·         2.1 to 5.5 volt operation

·         1000 lines of code

·         22 Configurable I/O

·         Hardware I2C support for easy peripheral connecting

·         Internal Timer

·         Increased variables and separate memory scratchpad

·         Enhanced mathematical functions

·         Line-by-line simulation

·         Supports

o    Interrupts

o    12-Bit Digital temperature sensors

o    Servo control

o    Keyboard input

o    IR transmit/receive

o    Plays user-defined musical tones

o    PWM Motor control

o    2 additional PWM Channels with separate timers (so now 4 PWM channels available on 28pin parts)

o    New HPWM module with power steering

o    Input Pulse counting

o    Serial output & debugging via programming cable

o    Increased optional clock speed, 64MHz external, 16MHz internal

o    Many additional ADC Channels, with individual ADC pin masking

o    New support for touch sensors on all ADC channels

o    Added support for RFIN and RFOUT commands for Manchester encoded wireless radio communication

o    New SR latch, voltage reference and DAC output modules

o    Higher baud rate for serial work (default now 9600, n, 8, 1)  

·         Based on the PIC 18F25K22 IC


Almost all existing 28X2-5V and 28X2-3V programs can be used immediately on the new 28X2 chip. The only change that may be required is editing the format of any ‘let adcsetup = ‘ command, as the new part has the more versatile ‘individual masking’ method instead of the original ‘sequential masking’ method used on t he 28X2-5V. See the ‘adcsetup’ command in part 2 of the PICAXE manual for more details.

The ‘PICAXE’ system is a powerful, low cost microcontroller programming system designed to simplify educational and hobbyist use of microcontrollers. PICAXE chips can be programmed in a graphical flow-chart environment or in easy to understand BASIC.

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