PICAXE-08M2 IC (Surface Mount)


Price (CAD)
$4.74 ea.
$4.45 ea.

The surface mount version of our smallest, but prominent, PICAXE microcontroller. Very popular in education due to its low cost and small size, but also popular in a wide range of hobbyist projects. Small but perfectly formed!

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This chip supports up to 6 inputs/outputs pins with 3 analogue/touch sensor channels.

All PICAXE M2 parts support enhanced features such as configurable i/o pins, parallel tasks, ring tone music and touch sensor inputs. Please see the PICAXE M2 Information Sheet for further details on the PICAXE M2 parts.

The Surface Mount PICAXE-08M2 can be used with any software application that supports the PICAXE hardware, including the free PICAXE Programming Editor and Logicator for PICAXE flowcharting software.

The AXE007M2SM Surface Mount PICAXE-08M2 is only available in 150mil SOIC Surface Mount format. Please only purchase if you require this small surface mount part - see part 28412 for normal DIP format.





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