EFX-Tek RS-485 Adapter


Price (USD)
$31.46 ea.

The EFX-Tek RS-485 adapter is an ideal solution for putting multiple microcontrollers on a custom network.

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This item is currently 10% off its $34.95 USD / 36.70 CAD retail price, while quantities last.

Sometimes it's convenient to have multiple controllers on the same network, and an easy way to do this is by using the EFX-Tek RS-485 adapter. It's capable of full-duplex serial communications (full with the Prop-SX, and half-duplex with the Prop-2), which lets you make all your controllers "smart" nodes on your networked system into smart nodes on a networked system.

Got DMX? No worries; with the power of the Prop-SX you can create DMX slave devices to control relays, PWM outputs, even run servos. And the module's onboard DIP switch allows you to set the DMX address without reprogramming.





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