Prop SX Controller



8.00 USD
$8.00 ea.

Advanced prop designers and industrial engineers have asked us for more horsepower and that's what we've delivered with the Prop-SX.

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The Prop-SX Controller is a single-board solution that is perfectly suited for advanced prop and high-performance control applications. With speeds of up to 50 MIPS, sophisticated multitasking applications are possible with the Prop-SX - and in your choice of programming language: SX assembly, BASIC (we use SX/B), or C.

The Prop-SX offers 16 I/O pins, is powered by either 12 or 24 VDC, and may control TTL outputs (5 VDC), hobby servos, 12-24 VDC solenoids, low voltage lamps, and small DC motors. The Prop-SX includes a DB-9 serial port that may be used in customer applications, as well as a 32K EEPROM for external data storage.

A three-position power switch allows the use of one power supply, or two isolated power supplies (for mixed-voltage projects). Its moderate size and mounting holes allow the Prop-SX to be concealed in many small props.

To program the Prop-SX you will need an SX-Blitz or SX-Key programming tool as well as Parallax's SX-Key IDE (free download from Parallax); the SX/B programming language is included in the SX-Key IDE and is a great way to write high-performance programs for the Prop-SX (EFX-TEK uses SX/B in many of its products and applications).

Using Brookshire's VSA?
At the request of several customers who use VSA for advanced animatronics control we have written programs for the Prop-SX that let you control it from VSA. See the Library section of our tech support forums for details

Prop-SX Controller Documentation (PDF)
Prop-SX Controller Demo Files (ZIP)
Parallax SX-Key IDE (Link)

Prop-1 Trainer
12 VDC, 1 A Power Supply
SX-Blitz (USB) / SX-Key (USB) Programmer
Ceramic Resonators
USB type-A to mini type-B Cable
14" Extension Cable
68" Extension Cable

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