Stamp Stack II-SX Kit


This Product Has Been Discontinued, This Page Is For Reference Only.

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Stamp Stacks are a fun, easy and affordable way of getting started with BASIC Stamp programming.

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Stamp Stacks are the ultimate BASIC Stamp prototyping tools. Available in BASIC Stamp 2 and BASIC Stamp 2-SX versions, they let you quickly and easily prototype your Basic Stamp projects on any solderless breadboard.

100% BASIC Stamp Stamp Stacks are BASIC Stamps. They use genuine Parallax BASIC Stamp Interpreter Chips (we use a through-hole (DIP package part instead of the tine surface-mount parts found on the BASIC Stamp modules). The same editor software and code is used.

Mounts on Any Breadboard Stamp Stacks are designed to mount directly onto any breadboard with a power rail. The amount of space available for your project is limited only by the size of your breadboard.

Serial Connector and Reset Switch Built-In
Stamp Stacks have their serial connector built onto the board so no other boards are required to program it. Just connect power and you serial cable and you're set. We've put a reset switch on-board as well so resetting the Stamp is just a button push.

Robust Power Supply with Reverse Polarity Protection
Each Stamp Stack has a 250 mA low dropout regulator on board. This ensures that there is plenty of power for the Stamp and that the regulator is never stressed to it's limits. Reverse polarity protection is standard; connect power (up to 20 volts) with reverse polarity and the power LED will be RED -and no power is passed to the circuit. Connect it properly and the LED will be GREEN and the circuit gets power. No more blown-up parts because of a moments inattention !

Mounting Holes Provided
The Stamp Stack can be used on a breadboard, or it makes a great way to put BASIC Stamp power into a permanent project. 2 Mounting holes are provided so that the Stamp Stack can be solidly fixed in place.

Interpreter and EEPROM are Replaceable
The Interpreter Chip (processor) and EEPROM (memory) chips are socket ed and can be easily replaced if damaged. Stamp Stacks are repairable by the user 'in the field' if necessary, making them ideal for the classroom ! This means that if ever a Stamp Stack is damaged, that it can usually be repaired -by the user- in short order. Contact support for replacement interpreters or other parts.

Stamp Stacks are electronic kits. Assembly and soldering is required.
Build Time: Beginner: 60 - 90 Minutes Expert: 25 - 35 Minutes

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