Tamiya Mini Motor Low Speed Gearbox - 4-Speed


Price (CAD)
$15.00 ea.

This Tamiya gearbox is a smaller, more compact gearbox than the larger standard unit, and features powerful, low gear ratios and a type 030 motor.

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Tamiya gearboxes now have a new little brother in the fold! Using the smaller, popular 030 form-factor motor, this compact unit features 4 different gear ratios (for speedy, or torquey applications), and convenient mounting tabs for simple installation to your project!


  • The type 030 motor features a low electricity consumption rate and does not emit electronic noise.
  • Motor specifications: 8400RPM, Voltage: 3.0V.
  • The gearbox features 4 different gear ratios (71.4:1, 149.9:1, 314.9:1, 661.2:1) which can be easily adjusted by changing the final gear attachment position.
  • The 3mm hex shaft and gearbox attachment holes are compatible with other Tamiya craft items.
  • 2 different gearbox attachment positions are available.
  • Dimensions; Width: Approx. 20mm, Height: 24mm, Length: 30mm.
  • Transparent gear case to show the internal mechanisms.





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