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The Parallax Propeller Backpack is a compact, multipurpose Propeller-based module that is optimized for audio and video applications.

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There is no doubt the Parallax Propeller IC is a very powerful microcontroller. Not many similar devices can handle video & audio with practically no additional hardware. Parallax has leveraged this ability into the Propeller Backpack, which is a tidy Propeller-based module specifically tailored for audio and video applications.

Out-of-the-box, the Propeller Backpack is ready to serve as a video character display generator that can be fed into any regular NTSC-capable monitor. Connect it to a 1200 baud serial connection and feed it your display text, in color, with windows, and with different character sizes!

The Propeller Backpack is also a fully-capable Propeller development platform, programmable with Parallax’s free Propeller Tool software. Uploading programs to it is a snap, either by using the free LoadBP software via any BASIC Stamp, or directly with the optional Prop Plug. The Propeller Backpack works in conjunction with your own firmware, or that from the Propeller Object Exchange (OBEX). The Propeller Backpack is expandable, too. The onboard 12-pin socket makes it compatible with Parallax’s complete line of plug-in daughterboards.


  • External interface
  • 1/8” stereo phone jack for A/V signals, 3-pin servo header for power and serial I/O, 4-pin Prop Plug header, 12-position daughterboard socket
  • Onboard Propeller chip and 10MHz crystal for up to 80MHz operation
  • Double-size (64K x 8) EEPROM for programs and data
  • Onboard sigma-delta analog input circuitry (2 channels)

Application Ideas:

  • Provide programmable character overlays on top of an incoming video signal
  • Send and receive data by radio at 1200 baud, using the AFSK modem software from the OBEX and the built-in push-to-talk circuitry
  • Generate line-level stereo audio output or simultaneous audio and video output
  • Accept line-level audio input with or without simultaneous video output
  • Generate synthetic speech

Key Specifications:

  • Power requirements: 4 – 6 V unregulated DC @ 20 – 150 mA, depending on application (5 V regulated DC is required when used with daughterboards.)
  • Interface: 1/8” stereo phone jack for A/V signals, 3-pin servo header for power and serial I/O, 4-pin Prop Plug header, 12-position daughterboard socket
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.35 in. (38.1 x 34.3 mm)

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