Propeller Education Kit - 40 pin DIP Version


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With its 8 parallel-processing cogs, the Propeller chipís unique design makes a variety of otherwise difficult microcontroller applications relatively simple

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The Propeller is an amazing microcontroller. It's either a super-microcontroller, or baby-dual-quadcore computer (hey, it's got 8 cogs!). It's a seriously powerful unit, and to learn how to use it to the best way, you should start with a Propeller Educational Kit, featuring the 40-pin DIP Propeller IC

With its 8 parallel-processing cogs, the Propeller chip’s unique design makes a variety of otherwise difficult microcontroller applications relatively simple. This kit features breadboard-friendly versions of the Propeller chip, EEPROM and other core components making it easy and inexpensive for students to experiment while being able replace parts as needed. The Propeller Education Kit - Propstick USB Version is also available.

Kit Contents:

  • Propeller Education Kit Labs: Fundamentals Book - A comprehensive series of labs covering Setup and Testing, I/O and Timing, Methods and Cogs, Objects, and Counter Modules and Circuit Applications
  • The Propeller DIP Plus Kit - A Propeller 40-pin DIP microcontroller “plus” all the electronic components and connectors for a fully functional system on a breadboard.
  • Prop Plug - A USB to serial programming and communication tool. In addition to quick Propeller program downloads, it supports bidirectional Propeller-PC communication at up to 3 Mbps.
  • PE Kit Project Parts - All the parts you’ll need to work through the Startup and Fundamentals labs in the Propeller Education series, chosen with students’ needs and budget in mind. Selected to demonstrate Propeller circuit design and programming concepts, it provides a solid components foundation as well as a launch pad to more advanced topics and specialized kits.
  • Interconnecting Breadboards - 3 breadboards and 4 power rails interconnect and provide plenty of space to build the PE Platform and projects. Featuring extra sockets right where you need them, these quality boards make it easy to keep both simple and complex circuits well organized. With the Propeller and system electronics in the middle of the PE Platform, project circuits can fan out from I/O pins to breadboards on either side and terminate at the outer power rails. No more circuit spaghetti!
  • Plastic Storage Box with adjustable compartments for your PE Platform project, parts, and room for a few extra tools as well. Great for organization, storage, or even transport in a backpack.
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