MK2021-BL Mounting Kit for 20x2 LCD - Black


Price (USD)
$10.50 ea.

The MK-2041 Mounting kit will mount most standard 20 character x 2 line display just about anywhere.

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To mount a display simply place the self-adhesive guide on the surface where you would like to mount the display; then using the guide as a template cutting out the window for the display and drill the holes for the mounting screws. Lastly you mount your 20x2 LCD using the included screws and place the included protective cover over the display.

Each kit includes :

  • Self-adhesive black overlay (1)
  • Adhesive cut and drill guide (1)
  • 2-56 x 3/4" Flat head machine screws (4)
  • 2-56 machine screw nuts (4)
  • 9mm nylon spacers (4)
  • 2-56 nylon washers (4)

Please note that this product has a Black overlay.





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