20 Second Sound Module


Price (CAD)
$8.34 ea.

Think of this as a audial robotic digestive system. It'll eat 20 whole seconds of sound before barking it back at you with beautiful clarity, maybe not exactly as you remember it but pretty close!

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Just add a 3-cell battery pack to start the crazy fun of recording and playing back all your own sounds. The recommended supply is 4.5VDC but we found that it operates down to voltages of 2.25VDC so you could use a 2-cell battery pack if you'd like. The volume of playback is quite loud at 4.5V but gets lower as the supply voltage is decreased. A cool feature of this product is that it has non-volatile memory that allows you to keep the recorded message even if the batteries are removed.This product was originally designed for greeting cards but can be used for all kinds of applications.


- Hack it into the Staples easy button to playback some surprising messages for your friends
- Put it into toys, or posters for talking effects
- Use with a PIR sensor to have motion activated sounds
- Make your robot say "D'oh" when it runs into things with it's bump sensors


Operating voltage:  2.25 ~ 4.5VDC
Speaker: 8ohm, 0.25W (40mm diameter)
Microphone:  ~1.5kohms, 6mH (9.7mm diameter)
Sound board: 31.1mm x 19.6mm
Red Wire: Positive voltage rail
Black Wire: Negative voltage rail (Ground)


Apply power on the loose red and black wires, then hold down the recording button on the right side of the sound board and after you hear a single beep start talking into the microphone, or make some sound effects, or play a sound clip from your phone or laptop. When your 20 seconds is up it will beep again, you can then use the left button to play back your sound. To diminish audio distortion keep your sound source at least a couple inches away from the microphone.





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