Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python by Simon Monk


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Raspberry Pi is no doubt a powerful, compact platform. Here's a great little book to get you started on your way!

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Besides the Arduino, RaspberryPi has gained a lot of traction with the DIY community. It's a great little inexpensive Linux computer, and fulfils many roles Arduino doesn't. But as with everything powerful, you have to learn the nuances and tricks to get the most out of it. Thanks to Mr. Simon Monk, you've got a guided tour!

The book Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python tells you all you need to know to get you started programming you Raspberry Pi in Python. It includes chapters on graphical user interfaces with Tkinter, as well as games programming with pygame.
Chapters: (Our comments are italicized)
  • Introduction (Of course!)
  • Getting Started (Good basics on how to set it up, and introduction to Linux)
  • Python Basics (More basics of Python)
  • Strings, Lists, and Dictionaries (Handling data in Python methods)
  • Modules, Classes, And Methods (Kinda like making your own Python reusable subroutines)
  • Files and the Internet (Connecting your RaspPi to the 'net)
  • Graphical User Interfaces (Cool! An actual GUI on a $35 hardware platform!)
  • Games Programming (Games teach basic interface construction)
  • Interfacing Hardware (Ah, the good stuff - making things talk to it!)
  • Prototyping Project (Clock) (Simple demo projects, using additional hardware)
  • The RaspiRobot
  • What Next (Additional ideas. And yes, it's "What Next", not "What's Next". Go figure...)

Additional Material Covered:

  • Boot up and configure your Raspberry Pi
  • Navigate files, folders, and menus
  • Create Python programs using the IDLE editor
  • Work with strings, lists, and functions
  • Use and write your own libraries, modules, and classes
  • Add Web features to your programs
  • Develop interactive games with Pygame
  • Interface with devices through the GPIO port
  • Build a Raspberry Pi Robot and LED Clock
  • Build professional-quality GUIs using Tkinter

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