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CNC Robotics is a step-by-step guide to building your own CNC machine. It is an excellent starting point for anyone who is thinking about building a CNC system of any type.

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CNC Robotics is a step-by-step guide to building your own CNC machine. It discusses all the critical aspects of hardware and software involved in creating a functional gantry-style CNC machine capable of up to 4' x 8' sheets. This title has lots of photos detail the process and a complete materials and suppliers section. It is an excellent starting point for anyone who is thinking about building a CNC system of any type.

301 Pages
Author: Geoff Williams
Format: 7" x 9", Softcover

1. Design

  • Why build my own
  • Gantry style
  • Motors
  • Lineal motion
  • Acme screw
  • Deciding on the dimensions of the machine
  • Software

2. Electronics

  • Stepper motor driver and computer interface boards
  • Stepper motor driver circuit
  • The interface

3. Making the printed circuit board

  • Tools and material
  • Artwork
  • Board cutting and cleaning
  • Toner transfer
  • Etching

4. Driver assembly

  • The interface board

5. Software setup and driver testing

  • Material needed
  • Creating test files
  • Triangle test
  • Circle test
  • Putting the electronics in a case

6. The frame

  • Tools and material
  • Bolting
  • Assembly
  • Bearing rail support bolt holes
  • Paint the frame

7. The gantry and X-axis

  • The gantry
  • The X-axis: installing the gantry bearing guide rail
  • Bearing holder

8. The Z and Y axes

  • The Z-axis
  • The Y-axis

9. Motor and lead screw installation

  • Tools and material
  • X-axis
  • Y-axis
  • Z-axis
  • Limit switch installation
  • X-axis limits
  • Y-axis limits
  • Z-axis limits

10. File creation and KCam

  • KCam CNC controller software
  • KCam file requirements
  • How to create a file to import
  • CorelDraw
  • ACME profiler

11. Tool holders and testing

  • Tool holders
  • Penholder tool
  • Router/dremel holder
  • Testing the CNC machine

12. Examples

  • Plotter
  • Mechanical engraving tool
  • Dremel tool
  • Master craft rotary tool
  • Router

Sources of material

  • Electronic components
    • L297/L298 integrated circuits
    • Canada
    • United States, California
  • Lineal motion
    • Distributor
    • Manufactures
  • Stepper motors
  • Metal

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